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Cake & Pastry Bakery in Olympia, Washington

We’re a local bakery with show stopping sweets! We make custom cakes for any occasion, and everything is always beautiful and delicious.

Our Story

Hello, thanks for visiting! My name is Lauren, the owner of Gotti Sweets. I have always loved baking during the holidays with my grandmother. It wasn't until a job at Baskin Robbins though that I became interested in decorating cakes, and then decided to pursue the craft professionally by attending the Le Cordon Bleu Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. Then, in 2018 I had the opportunity to become the owner of Gotti Sweets, and the rest is history!


Custom Cake Orders

Decorated custom cakes are my specialty! I am extremely detailed when creating cakes for your special occasion. I focus on having the highest quality ingredients, and cater to each customer's needs, special requests, and style. 


I am a by-appointment-custom-order-bakery. I am available during business hours for cake consultations Tuesdays through Thursdays. Friday and Saturday are the busiest days of the week, and I am not available to discuss cake orders these days. Please be patient, it may take me 3 days or so to return your text inquiry. 


Please contact me 2-3 weeks in advance for custom cake orders. However, you can never order too early! Especially during the holidays or peak summer season. Weddings and graduation weekends fill up quickly!

No More Grab & Go

I have chosen to focus on custom orders. I simply don't have the amount of walk in traffic to to warrant making a full case of items every week. I'm sure you all understand the importance of keeping costs down during this time and also the increasing cost of ingredients and materials. At this point I have to know what I'm making is sold. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please do not hesitate to call if you would like to see what kind of cookies I might have on hand. I can pop cookies in the oven the same day. The available flavors vary. Thank you all for your continued support!

Examples Gallery

Examples Gallery
Client Reviews

Client Reviews

"They made our tiny wedding ceremony extra wonderful with their delicious cupcakes. Even matching our floral theme with beautiful flower designs. I could not recommend them more, they deserve nothing but praise for their confections, and we will be back for more!"

- Mark H.

Flavors Menu




Butter Pecan


Coconut Cream



Chocolate 5 Spice

German Chocolate



Orange Cream


Pink Champagne


Rainbow (not available for cupcakes)

Red Velvet






Apple Compote

Apricot Jam

Bavarian Cream

Blueberry Compote

Caramelized Pineapple

Chocolate Ganache (extra cost)  

Cream Cheese (extra cost)

Espresso Ganache (extra cost)

Lemon Curd

Lemon Strawberry Compote

Peanut Butter Ganache (extra cost)

Raspberry Jam (extra cost)

Strawberry Jam

White Chocolate Ganache (extra cost)



Chocolate Butter Cream

Cream Cheese (extra cost)

Custom Flavor Butter Cream

Fondant (extra cost)

Vanilla Butter Cream

Whipped Cream (extra cost)

Flavors Menu


All specialty cakes start at $50. If you have a budget, please let me know and I will create a design accordingly. Please provide photos, swatches, and anything else for reference in order to receive an accurate price quote. All prices listed on my website are base prices. My base price includes buttercream icing and a standard garnish or basic birthday design (sprinkles, buttercream flowers, etc).

Misc. Custom Pricing

  • $2.25 each

  • $25 dozen (minimum of 1 dozen per flavor)

  • Start at $3.25 each, $36 dozen

  • Mini Cupcakes $1.75 each.

  • Pricing depends on difficulty of design.

Hand Decorated Cookies
  • Start at $5 each (minimum 1 dozen)

  • Pricing depends on difficulty of design

Cake Pops
  • Starts at $2.50 each for a color drizzle or sprinkles

  • Pricing depends on difficulty of design

3D Cakes
  • Start at $200

  • Pricing depends on difficulty of design and amount of servings.


Round Cakes

  • 6 inches

  • 8 inches

  • 10 inches

  • 12 inches

  • 14 inches

  • 6–8

  • 12–15

  • 20–25

  • 30–35

  • 40–45

Base Price
  • $75

  • $110

  • $140

  • $200

  • $275


Square Cakes

  • 6 inches

  • 8 inches

  • 10 inches

  • 12 inches

  • 14 inches

  • 8

  • 12–16

  • 25–30

  • 35–45

  • 50–55

Base Price
  • $85

  • $125

  • $180

  • $250

  • $300


Sheet Cakes

  • ¼ Sheet

  • ½ Sheet

  • Full Sheet

  • 24

  • 48

  • 96

Base Price
  • $120

  • $200

  • $320


Stacked Round Cakes

  • 4" & 6"

  • 6" & 8"

  • 10" & 6"

  • 12" & 8"

  • 10", 8", 6"

  • 10", 8", 6", 4"

  • 12", 10", 8"

  • 14", 10", 6"

  • 12", 10", 8", 6"

  • 12

  • 20

  • 30

  • 45

  • 50–60

  • 55–65

  • 75–80

  • 90–100

  • 100

Base Price
  • $125

  • $175

  • $250

  • $400

  • $500

  • $550

  • $630

  • $680

  • $750

*base pricing includes textured icing.


Stacked Square Cakes

  • 8" & 6"

  • 10" & 6"

  • 12" & 8"

  • 10", 8", 6"

  • Call for larger pricing. Octagon and hexagon shapes also available.

  • 25

  • 45

  • 60

  • 65–70

Base Price
  • $225

  • $280

  • $350

  • $500


A note about smash cakes.

Please take into consideration when thinking of your design that dark icing colors could possibly stain fingers and clothes.  If the cake has any custom toppers or fondant decorations please remove them before serving to avoid any choking or poking that could occur.  Please always supervise your child while they are diving into the cake!

For my customers with dietary restrictions.

I offer gluten-free, and sugar free options. These are for lifestyle choice diets. If you have a life threatening allergy I cannot guarantee 100% non-contamination… flour is in the air here! I do my best to clean and sanitize my equipment and tools. I take special care when preparing these cakes; please note that these choices require special ingredient costs and extra preparation time, and are an extra cost.


Whip cream icing is delicious! But due to its nature, I can't use all decorating techniques. Rustic/textured icing, or airbrushing and sprinkles are recommended. It MUST stay cold or it will melt!


Please take care when transporting your cake.

You will need a flat surface in your car to get it to your event space safely. Do not attempt to hold the cake on your lap. These cakes are heavy and that is a very hazardous way to transport your cake. Please keep the air conditioning on in the vehicle. Take care when driving, no sudden stops, starts, or turns! Cakes are delicate and should be handled with the upmost care.  

Please keep the cake chilled/refrigerated.

Please keep the cake chilled/refrigerated for up to an hour before the event. Also make sure you place your cake on a sturdy table, and/or cake stand.

Submit an Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in Gotti Sweets in Olympia, Washington! You can call call the bakery or text us to submit an order inquiry.


Please prepare to answer the following questions before contacting: 


  • Event date

  • Serving amount/ cake size

  • Cake and filling flavors choice

  • Design, theme, colors, etc.

We will confirm your order once it is received.

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